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Testimonial from My Clients

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to express my pleasure with real estate agent Celestine Kong (R025116c) who represented me in my recent sale of a condo. She guided me through the entire process of sale such as organizing a lawyer and contractor who were informative and efficient. I credit Ms Kong with a smooth, stress-free home-sale experience. She is a hard worker and diligent
person who serve customers best and kindly as an agent. I would certainly recommend her
services to overseas clients and can say from my experience that she was the Best Agent in my whole life.

Yours with  many thanks.

Jeong Heo, Seoul Korea
D15 – The Amarelle (Seller)

Dearest Celestine,

Thank you for your professional demeanour in handling all of my recent real estate related enquiries.

My husband and I have come to be really comfortable in dealing with you and find you to be an extremely professional individual, always with a smile and full of energy always ready to help. I really like this about you and this made me feels really comfortable to talk to you and deal with you.

You always return our call and have time to have quick chat with us to advise us on any real estate related queues. Thanks for your assistance in our recent real estate transaction, such as scanning the market for the best bank with the lowest interest rate etc.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all the best in 2013 and wish you n you family a prosperous 2013.

Cheers to a good job Celestine Kong!!!

Best wishes,
Mrs Singh
D07 – Tyrwhitt 139 (Buyer)

Dear Celestine,

Great thanks to your always sincere service putting your client’s interests the 1st priority: with such a short notice of changing from selling our flat to renting our flat, you managed marketing strategy well and helped us in getting an ideal tenant (a professional family combination), and with a good rental price too! Your efficiency of serving us the tenancy agreement also impressed us.

Thanks again!

Yours Sincerely,

Shen Yang & Liu Li Meng
D19 HDB Rivervale crescent (landlord)

Celestine is a professional sales person, she helps me to sell my property at a good price and also recommended me a good unit near MRT at a reasonable price, i am looking forward for her to sell my retail shop at a record price, thank you Celestine

Best regards
Gina Yuan –
D17 & D19 & Azalea Park Condo (Seller) & The Luxurie (Buyer)

Dear Celestine,

We’re impress on your efficiency and effectiveness in assist us to market my property, you manage to sell my property in One viewing and Close the deal right away with Highest Record Price too and you also arrange lawyer to assist me so I can sit back and Relax. Wow! You are Great!! Next time I will refer more friends to sell/buy/rent with you. Thanks.

D.19 Mr Lim –  The Quartz (Seller)

To whom it may concern

A big thank you to Celestine Kong for speedily executing the purchase process for loft@rangoon and providing value-added services. Celestine is responsive and always available to my queries.

Celine –Loft @ Rangoon,
D07 Private Condo (Buyer)

Celestine has been tremendously helpful in all the move in needs, clear in communications, reasonable in negotiations, upfront and honest in the repair needs of the property (this i admire as i have a child with me ) and ensures tenants have a smooth transition.

I would recommend her to my friends moving in Singapore.

Aileen   - D07 Tyrwhitt 139 (Tenant)

I manage to rent out my unit within 3 weeks, she manage to find a good corporate tenant for my unit. I work well with her and she is always there to give valuable advice pertaining to rental market.

Her fast service and rapport rendered is greatly appreciated. I’m looking forward to continue work with her.

Kundo to Celestine! –

Jeremy Ong – D17 Azalea Park Condo (Landlord)

I first engaged the assistance of Ms Celestine Kong over a condo unit @ Bartley Residence a couple of weeks ago.

I found her to be professional and proficient. She is forthcoming in providing me with a detailed explanation of the project of interest and its benefits; yet not pushy in her approach into closing the sales. Her sincere and candid sharing has helped me to make an informed decision on the project.

Thus, decided to drop a note of thanks and in appreciation of her service rendered to me. I would not hesitate to recommend her service to any of my friends who are looking for property.


Frederick Soh (D13 – Bartley Residences Buyer)

Hi Celestine,

I am really thankful to you, where brought me to a totally new industry of mine.. I have never thought I would have gone to a career switch at this age..

I like you for being a humble Leader willing to share and teach..

You have such a proactive and continuos following up with all team mates spirit..motivating team mates all the time…with you around the “always alert” spirit is always there:)….

Admire you with always big smile and friendly smile to all of us…

Thks Celestine….

enjoy and please to be in your team..


I went thru 3 new launch projects with different hyper team IC by doing road show, farming etc and it is never the same when I join Celestine Kong.

Kick Start – To start us up for hyping, Celestine gave the team training on what to do to get leads n contacts + how to sell the project. During training, she is really fierce though but that’s the right way else the team would not have all the tips written in the book.

Project info – Celestine always feed the team with latest project info as n when they are made available. Whenever any mass briefing conducted, architect briefing, she will text us the notes that she took down. After that, she would usually gather the team together n then do another round of briefing to make sure everyone gets the info drilled into the head.

Road Show – Celestine don’t drive but don’t know why she is like always all over the place. Lots of energy, I will always remember this “U are a man, make sure u can talk louder then me”. “Good morning, Sir. New Launch, one MRT station from here”. “Now ur turn, go! go! go!”.

Farming – This one, I also must salute Celestine. Everywhere she go, she will farm. Reach home, she will farm at her blocks. Go for appointment, she will also farm at that estate. She just want to make sure that she finish the flyers she had.

Show flat duty – Celestine will make sure that we settle in correctly, we are well treated before she moves out to do other things. She will every now n then check with the members on duty to make sure things are well n gave advise what to do.

Now is the time for VIP preview, “Team, let’s turn leads to cheque submission, convert cheque submission to units purchase” Celestine kept reminding us.

I have sign up with Celestine for 2 more new launch projects, going to “suffer” again but “kam wan – worth it”

Those who want to be “tortured”, join her. I believe u will be one of the Top Achiever in ERA.

Jeyel Loh ERA

Thank you for being such a wonderful IC. This is my first new launch activity and is privilege to be under your team. Your guidance to lead the team and your achievements are admirable. Great to have a team leader like you.


Thank you for being our team leader. You have given us a lot of guidance
and advice which can benefit us for a long term in this exciting career.
Most importantly, your determination and hard-working attitude set up such
a good example for us to follow. Be always our source of inspiration. Wish
you all the best, Celestine.

Daniel Trieu

I want to thank you for sincere support and mentorship. The knowledge and wisdom you have imparted upon me has been a great help and support in my new career.

I want to express my deepest gratitude for believing in me. You have been an excellent friend, teacher, mentor and a great inspiration for me. You have inspired me to pursue my goals with hard work and dedication. You have shown me the value of honesty, sincerity and trust in business.

I truly appreciate and value everything I have learnt from you.

Thank you, once again, for your time, support and patience.

Julia Mak

During the Hyper Team selection for Bartley Ridge, I did not hesitate and selected Celestine Kong, one of the consistent yearly Top Producers in ERA, as my team leader. My decision proves to be right as I managed to collect the first cheque immediately after her first sharing session!

Celestine has also demonstrated great leadership by motivating, sharing her valuable knowledge / closing scripts unselfishly, lead by example, being effective and also being a great marketing strategist which got our team the most number of leads!

Having such great leader in the hyper team makes me more confident and assuring to close more deals!

Marcus Chai

This post is dedicated to my Manager, mentor and friend Celestine Kong.

About seven months ago I joined her because I was convinced that she was someone who is able to guide me to achieve my personal goals. Even when I was waiting for my CEA license tag, she had asked me to participate in her training and sit in for her live presentations to learn from her. Being a very keen learner, I kept throwing her lots of questions, which she promptly answered. I have been learning a lot from her since then.

She is really an inspiration to me in many ways. From the time I joined her till now, she has been very consistent in her performance. I remember how on the first month after she returned from a few months break last year, we immediately clocked $180K! Wow! I told myself that is the kind of result I want in my real estate business.

I remember how when I finally secured a firm offer for my first resale case at 11pm one day, I called her and she told me she was with a client at that time as well. I later found out that she only concluded her deal with her client after 1am. It left a deep impression of how hardworking and persistent she is as a person.

Finally, I must say that I have seen her grow her team over the last few months. When I first joined her, we had less than 10 team mates. Right now, we are more than 20 strong. Furthermore, though the support of Celestine Kong and the agent-focused support of Property Navigators, I have already recruited my first 3 agents under me. She has been extremely selfless and willing to share and guide with my recruits as well. This is the kind of support that you can be assured of with NAVIS top producers. We are all of the same veins, always supporting our agents!

Just yesterday, Celestine demonstrated once again to me how she would show her prospect the show flat, and I was really impressed with her ability to show the best features of the unit. She is always willing to share!

I have enjoyed working with someone who is pursuing greatness. Thank you Celestine for everything you have done for me.

Marvin Lee

Tks for yr prompt replies to help Yr fellow team mates whenever we encounter any obstacles.

You Have display your leadership not only with cares but also coupled with actions to lead the way.

You not only gave your men the opportunity to develop his leadership to lead a team for new project, you also give him your full support, guidance an advise whenever necessary and appropriate.